Free Guide to Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu Passport
Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport by Investment

The Pacific country of Vanuatu operates a very good citizenship by investment program since 2015. This attractive citizenship program is not very well advertised or promoted, only a few know about its benefits. As of 2020, this scheme remains one of the simplest CBI programs in the world.

Our FREE guide written by experts, provides in-depth information on Vanuatu citizenship by investment program to passport investors.

Benefits of Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

  • Become a Commonwealth citizen
  • No requirement to visit Vanuatu
  • Tax haven (no corporate, capital gains, inheritance, gift taxes)
  • Very fast processing times (approvals within 3 weeks)
  • Powerful passport from a pacific country offering visa free access to UK, Schengen, Russia etc.
  • Simple and easy straight forward application process.
  • Citizenship is a great investment passed to future family generations
  • Privacy for CBI citizens with discrete application process.
  • Best Second Passport for Private investors.
  • Enjoy your Dual citizen status

Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu currently offers two types of citizenship by investment (CBI) programs with almost identical investment requirements.

  1. Development Support Program (DSP) – USD 130,000
  2. Contribution Program (VCP) – USD 130,000
  3. Real Estate (RE) – Closed

Both the DSP and VCP schemes are legal and official programs run by Government of Vanuatu.

While DSP/VCP schemes are 90% similar, the main difference lies in voting rights and number of agents marketing the schemes. Here are the difference between two schemes.

Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP)Development Support Program (DSP)
Donation USD 130,000USD 130,000
CitizenshipOrdinary citizenshipHonorary citizenship
Right to VoteNo No
Residence requirements NoneNone
Hold Government OfficeNoNo
Real Estate No option No option
Processing times3 weeks3 weeks
Authorized agents140+
Third GenerationsParents above 50 years can applyParents above 50 years can apply
PassportOrdinary passportOrdinary passport
Oath ceremonyOnline / In Vanuatu or AbroadOnline / Vanuatu or Abroad

Citizenship Legislation

You can download the various citizenship acts and amendment regulations (pdf) related to the citizenship investment program of the Republic of Vanuatu

Vanuatu Citizenship Act [Cap_112]
Citizenship ACT NO. 34 OF 2018 (Amendment) 
Citizenship ACT NO. 39 OF 2013 (Amendments) 
Citizenship Amendment Act Order No. 18 of 2014 (Amendments) 
Citizenship Amendment Act Order No. 40 of 2014 (Amendments)
Citizenship regulations Order 91-95 of 2018
Citizenship Regulations (Order 32-33) of 2019
Citizenship Regulations (Development Support Program) Order No. 39 of 2020 Citizenship Regulations (Contribution Program) Order No. 38 of 2020
Dual Citizenship Amendment Act 2014
The Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu

Whats new in 2020?

The Vanuatu Government has announced a number of changes related to the economic citizenship program of Vanuatu pursuant after the internal review of the scheme. As of April 2020, the following new rules apply

  • Due diligence fee increased by $3000 per person (now costs $5000 per person)
  • Due to Covid-19 situation all applications now accepted online or by email.
  • Oaths can be taken online (video) or by written declaration
  • FIU processing time increased to 4 days from 2 days.
  • Applications will now be vetted through third party due diligence firms (before only FIU did the checks)

How much it costs for Vanuatu passport?

You can become an economic citizen of Vanuatu by donating a sum of money to the state. Currently it is the only option available. This is an instant citizenship by investment program with very fast processing times (less than 2 months)

Prices DSP/VCP Program
Single Applicant$130,000
Married Couple$150,000
Couple  + 1 Child$165,000
Couple + 2 Children$180,000
Additional Dependents$10,000 per person
Oath ceremonypaid by applicant (video accepted)

Note: Lawyer fee already included in the contribution. Please contact us for accurate quote.

Vanuatu Citizenship Passport
New Vanuatu Certificate of Citizenship and Passport issued for DSP and VCP Programs as of 2019

Additional Service Fees

Drivers License $500
National ID$1500
Bank Account in Vanuatu$5000
Birth Certificate$550
Oath Ceremony Overseas$5000
Oath Ceremony in Vanuatu$1300
Name Change Fee Per Applicant$15000
Citizenship application fee$50
Citizenship certificate fee$100
Passport fee$160/passport

Eligibility Criteria

all applications are assessed on two benchmarks

(a) the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit Due Diligence check, and

(b) the clients’ proof of financial assets held at banks that should be a minimum of USD 250,000 or more.

(c) No criminal record and good health

How do i apply?

  1. Start the process paying initial sum $5,000 for Due diligence to the Agent. The agent will start working on your application including basic background checks (KYC/Identification)
  2. Agent can file your application to the Citizenship Commission of Vanuatu
  3. Wait for 3 weeks to receive approval letter (FIU checks)
  4. Pay the remaining investment
  5. Take the Oath ceremony (Skype or video conferencing)
  6. Wait for another week to receive your passport. Collect it from the Agent or at the consulate.

Processing time

FIU due diligence check – 2 days
Letter of Approval – 2-3 weeks
Citizenship certificate – 1 week
Passport – 2 weeks (after approval)

Total time: 1-2 months

Important: Please note that Vanuatu does not offer citizenship for buying real estate. If anybody offers you passport for buying property in Vanuatu, it is most likely a scam.

Application forms

The application form for Vanuatu is available free download available in the vanuatu citizenship commission (VCC) website

DSP Nomination checklist – Download here

Please complete the application form, attach copies of passport, police certificate, health certificate for initial application checks by agent/lawyer in Vanuatu

Passport validity

10 years

Time for Passport

6- 8 weeks from the time of application

Citizenship Privacy

Vanuatu offers complete privacy to citizenship investors. The names of CBI citizens are not published in gazette or anywhere or reported anywhere to public. It is there one of the best known private citizenship by investment programs in the world.

Background to Vanuatu Economic Citizenship

The History of Vanuatu citizenship by investment goes back to 1990’s when passport for sale schemes from pacific islands became very popular. Pacific island tax havens were among the first countries to enter the passport selling business in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Vanuatu ran a passport for sale scheme between 1996-1997 selling 300 passport making $3.3 million, equivalent of 1.5% of GDP at that time. The passports offered several benefits including tax benefits,  overcoming visa restrictions, alternative second passport, and avoiding military service.

Vanuatu government revived the idea of opening new economic citizenship programs (ECP) to boost revenue after being hit by Cyclone PAM. The Cyclone Pam crippled Vanuatu’s infrastructure: an estimated 90 percent of the nation’s buildings were impacted by the storm’s effects bringing damages VT63.2 billion (US$600 million)

2014 – The Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) which was originally introduced in 2014, The objective of the plan is to create local jobs, stimulate the economy and keep the national budget balanced. The citizenship is for life, and does not require visiting Vanuatu.

2015 – Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP), a fast track citizenship by investment scheme was introduced after Cyclone Pam (March 2015) to raise additional fund for recovery activities.

2016 – CIIP was replaced by Vanuatu Real Estate Option Program (REO Program) in November 2016

2017 – VERP is replaced by Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDSP) and Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP) in March 2017.

VDSP offers citizenship to foreign investors against one-time contribution, ranging from USD 200,000 for a single person application to USD 280,000 for a family with elderly parents. The offered “honorary citizenship” has most ni-Vanuatu rights except voting and political involvement. The application process requires a background check, including financial resources and criminal record, and takes between 1 to 2 months, making it one of the most fast-track citizenship programs in the world. However, citizens of North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are not allowed to apply.

REO Program requires applicants to invest USD 230,000 in real estate related investments to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. The government expects the program to help raise substantial revenue, and that the associated private investments that would directly provide employment and expand commercial facilities for a long-term growth.

How Prices were cut in 2018?

The Vanuatu Government made important changes to the Citizenship by investment in 2018 to keep up with the competition with Caribbean programs. The Caribbean countries engaged a race to the bottom cutting prices by 50% to just $100,000 after Hurricane Maria devastated the islands.

The Citizenship by Investment (Development Support Program and Contribution Program) Regulations 91/92 (2018) significantly cut the prices (from $200K) for passports for donation option to USD 80,000 (single person) and USD 100,000 (families)

Significant Amendments introduced in 2019

Vanuatu made significant changes to the DSP citizenship program in 2019. Here are the most important changes done to Vanuatu citizenship by investment program

On 24th April 2019, the Citizenship (Development Support Program) Regulations Order NO.33 of 2019 came into effect set a new threshold of selling prices USD 130,000 by agents

More changes

  • “Honorary Citizenship” terminology is canceled and removed from citizenship certificates. This was replaced by new regulations allowing either the Chairman of the Commission or the Prime Minister himself to sign the required documents cancelling out the “honorary” terminology as both passport schemes are the same.
  •  More agents appointed for two passport schemes – DSP (more than 30 agents ) and VCP (1 agent) 
  • Applications of persons with criminal records will not be considered. There are also restricted countries, who cannot apply – Ineligible candidates
  • Application Processing times significantly increased to less than a month. 

Whats new in 2020?

Vanuatu’s two citizenship by investment programs (DSP/VCP) brought vast economic benefits to the country.

What are the other ways to get Vanuatu citizenship?

Vanuatu provides six paths to obtain Ni-Vanuatu citizenship, as of 2020.

  1. Citizenship by Naturalization (Form A)
  2. Citizenship by marriage – Non-Citizen married to a Vanuatu Citizen (Form B) after 2 years
  3. Citizenship by Entitlement (Form C (a))
  4. Citizenship by Regain (Form C (b))
  5. Honorary Citizenship under Vanuatu Development Support Program
  6. Granting of Citizenship to an individual under Vanuatu Contribution Program

How CBI applicant screening works?

Designated Agent receiving and providing to the Technical Working Group (TWG) the names of the person eligible to be conferred Honorary Citizenship; the TWG then carries out intelligence checks on a person through the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

The Financial Intelligence Unit is Vanuatu’s national agency, operating within PM office responsible for verifying financial information of applicants to counter money laundering, terrorism financing and suspected proceeds of crime.

The FIU was established in 2020,  regulates all financial institutions in Vanuatu as required by the AML&CTF

  • FIU checks for for criminal conviction, FIU utilises several globally reputable screening databases in its due diligence process including checking INTERPOL database or past criminal conviction records , global blacklisting, sanctions, financial disqualification, corporate solvency, terrorism, individual bankruptcy and political-affluent persons.
  • FIU also monitors of all successful applicants in the Program with rescreeing of checks and provides reports to Vanuatu citizenship commission (VCC) for adverse reports.
  • VCC recommends the applicant to Prime Ministers office, for honorary citizenship

Upon confirmation from the FIU that the person has no criminal record, the TWG submits the name of the person to the Citizenship Commission for due diligence checking.

Next, the Commission submits the name of the person to the Prime Minister who then advises the President on the name of the person to be conferred Citizenship under the VERP.

Ineligible Candidates

Nationals from these 5 countries, may not apply for Vanuatu DSP/VCP citizenship by investment scheme with some exception

  •  Afghanistan,
  • Iran
  • North Korea,
  • Somalia
  • Yemen

There is an Exception: Vanuatu may accept nationals from restricted country if they have not resided in restricted countries for more than 5 years and can provide evidence of permanent residence abroad. For example those with permanent residence status in EU schengen, USA, UK, UAE etc.

Citizenship by Investment Legislation

Download the legal texts of the citizenship act and amendments for DSP/VCP programs

Vanuatu Citizenship Office

The Vanuatu Citizenship Office is responsible for administering Development Support (DSP) and Citizenship Contribution Program (VCP)

The Citizenship’s Office and Commission is a statutory entity of the government of the Republic of Vanuatu established by the Vanuatu Citizenship Act [Cap 112]. Its role covers:

  1. Consider and approve or differ or reject applications of Vanuatu citizenships
  2. Revoke a citizenship if it was not granted according to other provisions of the citizenship Act [cap 112] and/or the national constitution and other powers specified or implicatedby the Act.

Its vision is to be recognised as a competent commission and it values strict legal compliance, quality delivery of service, effective leadership and integrity and diligence.

The commission’s mission is to serve the people to the best of its abilities. In doing so, the Citizenship Commission ensures that the granting of Vanuatu citizenship to the applicants must be made in accordance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Vanuatu. The Mission for 2018 onwards:

  •  To enhance the efficiency of Citizenship Office in processing of applications
  •  Strict compliance of due diligence checking with all applicants
  •  Smooth line the procedures in issuing of certificates
  •  Better co-ordination with other governmental departments
  •  Protecting the integrity of Vanuatu Citizenship

The Citizenship Commission continues to carry out its core functions while at the same time raising government revenue through its various programs such as the Honorary Citizenship Program Fees, Honorary Citizenship Fees, Application charges recoveries and other minor fees. These fees account for at least two billion vatu annually. The current demand for honorary citizenship programs is increasing each year as the program expands to other regions. The office is currently manned with 8 of 10 officers under the current organizational structure which is a challenge to effectively and efficiently carry out its duties, given the current increase in demand for the honorary citizenship program.

Loss of Citizenship

A citizen who is of age and of full capacity and is not dual citizen shall lose his Vanuatu Citizenship if he or she exercises the criteria stipulated by the relevant provisions of the Citizenship Act [Cap 112]. Moreover, a person who is found to have obtained citizenship by any false representation, fraud or concealment shall cease to be a citizen 30 days after such finding.

Vanuatu citizenship can be freely renounced completing the appropriate Form and takes an oath.

Dual citizenship

Vanuatu legalized dual citizenship passing amendments to Citizenship legislation in parliament on December 2012 to attract investment into the country.  Further amendments to the Citizenship Act was done once in 2013 and twice in 2014.

What is the passport power of Vanuatu?

Vanuatu offers great passport benefits with a very good passport from pacific. As of 2020, Vanuatu citizens had total access to 127 countries in the world, according to the recently released study of Best passport rankings 2020

  • Visa not required – 80 (using passport)
  • Visa required – 67
  • eVisa – 13
  • Visa on Arrival (VOA) – 29
  • eVisa / Visa on Arrival (both) – 5

These are some of the important countries and territories where Vanuatu passport has visa free access.

Visa not requiredVisa required
United Kingdom / Ireland
EU schengen states
Hong Kong
Thailand (Visa arrival)
United States
South Africa
South Africa
Visa free for Vanuatu passport
Visa free entry requirements for Citizens of Vanuatu

What should you know about Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is a pacific island country,obtained its independence only in 1980 after british and french colonial rule. The country is a member of Commonwealth, UN and maintains close relations with Australia and New Zealand.

Vanuatu has a population of 270,000 of which 98.5% are ethnic Ni-vanuatu citizens. English and french are used widely in Vanuatu.

Do you know?
The Word Vanuatu comes from two words – “Vanua” (homeland) + tu (stand for).

Map of Vanuatu showing its location near to Australia and New Zealand

10 Facts You dont Know About Vanuatu

  1. Vanuatu is the worlds fourth happiest country
  2. Premier vacation destinations for scuba divers exploring spectacular coral reefs, shipwrecks and canyons
  3. English is widely spoken language
  4. Bungee jumping was invented here
  5. Vanuatu is made of Y shaped 80 islands with intense volcanic activity
  6. Efate island was named by Captain Cook
  7. Only 9% of land is used for agriculture 
  8. Vanuatu is the only country in the pacific that sells citizenship for $150,000
  9. Vanuatu remained tax haven until 2008 providing offshore financial services and secret bank accounts
  10. The National dish of Vanuatu is the Laplap.
Eton Beach on Efate Island, Vanuatu, near Port Vila – famous beach on the east coast

Tourist Arrivals

Vanuatu gets around 37,000 tourist arrivals every year (about 25,000 cruise arrivals), most of them 77% for holidays. If you are investing in hotels and resorts in Vanuatu, as an investor you have to consider tourist arrival numbers before investing.

Source: Vanuatu Statistics Office (Tourism arrivals)

The best time to visit Vanuatu is from April to October when the weather is warm and sunny but less humid and therefore more comfortable. 

Real Estate in Vanuatu

Vanuatu property prices still remains the lowest in the world. Property prices have been steadily increasing over the years, especially due to increase in tourism, especially tourist arrivals combined with influx of chinese, australians and other expats.

It is important to remember that lands in Vanuatu are not freehold. Properties can be leased for up to 50 years for residential lots and 75 years for commercial ones. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property.

Residential property prices are around US$800 – US$970 per sq. m. (VUV 92,250 to VUV 111,850).

A 100 sq. m. property could be bought for VUV 11.2 million (US$97,000), according to Global property guide. To build your house, you should appraise around $850 – $1250 per sq.m

What are the property taxes applicable?

  • 2% Stamp Duty
  • 5% Title Transfer Registration
  • If the buyer is purchasing an existing company, the Stamp Duty is 4% on the Share Transfer Value, and because the shares in the lessee company are transferred, not the title itself, there is no 2% Stamp Duty fee.
  • Legals costs are usually between 0.5% ‐ 1.% of the purchase price.
  • VAT (currently 15%) is not payable by the purchaser on residential property. VAT is payable by a builder or property developers. VAT is payable by the purchaser on the sale of commercial property.
  • Insurance will cost about 0.5% to 0.7% (cyclone, earthquake, volcano eruptions etc)

Property transfers take 2-3 months.

Port Vila, coastal and harbour locations are good areas to buy a residential property. Efate is Vanuatu’s main island, politically, economically, industrially and in terms of population and tourism. 

These are best areas to invest in property

  1. Residential  Port Vila, Tassiriki, Elluk, the Harbourfront, First Lagoon, Second Lagoon, Bellevue, Malapoa and the oceanfront subdivisions near town such as Dream 
  2. Commercial – Main street and central harbour
  3. Agricultural land – Efate and Santo islands


Dont forget!
Buying a real estate will not make you eligible for Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) or Vanuatu Citizenship Contribution Program (VCP). Both programs have only donation option and does not have a real estate option. The Vanuatu Citizenship Office advices all persons who are interested in its Citizenship Programs that there is no Real Estate Option Program attached to any of its Citizenship Programs

Vanuatu Permanent Residency Program

Vanuatu offers permanent residency if you buy a property for $100,000 (known as investor visa) or for retirees who can receive atleast $2500 monthly income.

Vanuatu also offers Land Owner Visa. If you wish to settle in Vanuatu and lease real estate, you can apply for a Land Ownership visa.

Keep in mind that Permanent residence program is not connected with citizenship by investment program. You will get you citizenship by naturalization ONLY after 10 years of living. There is also written Bislama Test which is basically about general knowledge of the Republic of Vanuatu legally, politically, historically and socially.

The DSP/VCP passport program is way better than this. There are no citizenship tests, language requirement or military service.

Taxes in Vanuatu

On 26 June 2018, Vanuatu joins OECD international efforts against tax evasion and avoidance. Vanuatu implemented CRS tax reporting standard with banks sharing the tax details of customers in 2018.

Vanuatu has no corporate tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax, no wealth tax, no withholding tax, no gift tax

Corporate Tax0.00%
Personal Income TaxUpto 17%
Wealth Tax0.00%
Capital Gains0.00%
Inheritance or Estate Tax0.00%
Tax Treaties19 countries

Vanuatu has introduced New Tax Laws, effective from 1 January 2020. The most important changes include

  1. Tax Identification Numbers – Businesses are required to have and use a Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  2. Records – Record keeping obligations for business taxpayers are made clear
  3. Forms – There will be some new forms and some forms will be revised
  4. Modernizing – Electronic filing and paying is facilitated in the new laws
  5. Penalties and Offences – The Act introduces or revises penalties and offences, including a late filing penalty.
  6. DCIR Powers – DCIR’s powers to recover debt and collect information are widened
  7. Transparency – Increased transparency in the way tax is administered
  8. Tax Agents – Tax Agents will need to be registered (from 1 April 2020)
  9. International Tax commitments – There will be increased cooperation with other countries tax administration

Personal income tax is a tax on the income earned by individuals. Income includes salaries and wages, business income (i.e. business profits), investment income, rental income, interest etc. Personal income tax will be imposed at a ‘progressive’ rate (meaning that tax paid as a proportion of income rises with income). Only individuals earning income above a tax-free threshold will pay income tax. People earning less than 750,000 vatu (US$6,000) a year (or 28,846 vatu a fortnight with 26 pay periods a year) will not pay income tax.

Revenues from Vanuatu Passport Program

As of end of 2020, Vanuatu has raised $340 million dollars from citizenship for sale, granting over 4000 passports to CBI citizens.

Vanuatu has reached revenue target for 2021. Almost $90m dollars collected from citizenship sales on average every month. About 70 applications are approved monthly by national citizenship commission.

YearCBI Revenues (USD millions)

Note: Vanuatu Vatu exchanged to US dollars (unofficial figures).

Vanuatu DSP Revenues
Vanuatu DSP and VCP Program Revenues – Source: Ministry of Finance Monthly Reports

Vanuatu CBI program has been a significant contributor to GDP of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu passport revenues reached its peak in 2019 exceeding $100 million in revenues for that year alone, equivalent to 11.9 of GDP. This exceeded VAT revenues and even whole year’s of operating surplus of Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu citizenship programs (VERP/DSP/VCP) contributing to GDP of Vanuatu from 2014 to 2019. – Source: Monthly Report from Ministry of Finance

IMF reported in 2018, the revenues of 5.7 billion Vatu revenues from the economic citizenship programs (ECPs) was used for unexpected expenses (Ambae disaster relief, and the mandated restoration of public benefit cuts) and early debt repayments (about 3.2 percent of GDP).


How is Vanuatu better than the Caribbean passport programs?

Vanuatu is the fastest citizenship by investment program in the World because of its speed and processing times with easy and simple application procedure. Passport time from starting the process takes 1.5 months in total.

The Caribbean programs take long passports (excess of 3 months) and the application filing is delicate. Vanuatu is a far superior program considering these factors.

Besides Vanuatu is cheaper than St Kitts and Grenada programs.

Who are Ni-Vanuatu citizens?

The Native inhabitants of Vanuatu are called Ni-Vanuatu citizens. Ni-Vanuatu is a large group of closely related Melanesian ethnic groups native to the island country of Vanuatu.  98.5% of inhabitants are Ni-Vanuatu citizens. Ni-Vanuatu means ‘Of Vanuatu’

Can Vanuatu revoke once citizenship is granted?

Yes, if you are on wanted person or bring disrepute to Vanuatu, passport and citizenship may be revoked. So far Vanuatu has stripped 40 persons of passports for illegal activities.

Does Vanuatu accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?

The Government made it clear that Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies will not be accepted for DSP/VCP schemes. But a few agents do accept Bitcoin.

Can stateless people apply for Vanuatu passport?

Yes, stateless persons and their family members are accepted.

Can i visit UK and schengen area?

Vanuatu signed a mutual visa-waiver agreement with the European Union on 28 May 2015 which was ratified on 15 December 2015. This agreement allows all citizens of states that are contracting parties to the Schengen Agreement to stay without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period.

Vanuatu citizens dont need a visa to visit United Kingdom (6 months) for tourism, business or family visits.

Does Vanuatu offer diplomatic passport for investments?

NO. Only ordinary citizen passports issued under DSP and VCP schemes

Can i add family members in one citizenship application?
  • Yes you can
  • A spouse of the main applicant (must be of opposite gender, same sex not allowed);
  • Unmarried children under 26 years old and parents of the main applicant or his or her spouse who are over 50 dependant upon the applicant.
Are there any flight connections to Vanuatu?

You can fly to Port Vila’s Bauerfield International airport (VLI) directly from, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Solomon Islands. 

National carrier Air Vanuatu operates regular services to Port Vila from Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Noumea and Nadi. Air Vanuatu also provides domestic services to a number of islands in Vanuatu.

Other airlines operating to Vanuatu include Air Calin, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways, Solomon Airlines, and Air Niugini.

Vanuatu’s international ports of entry are Bauerfield Airport on Efate, and Pekoa on Espiritu Santo. The airports are situated 10 minutes from their island’s city centres, being Port Vila and Luganville respectively.

Can i open bank account in Vanuatu?

Once you become a citizen and have passport, you can open bank account in Vanuatu. We offer this service for a fee.

There are 3 popular banks in Vanuatu – ANZ bank, BSP (Bank of South Pacific) and BRED bank.

Does Vanuatu have embassies abroad?

Yes, here is the list of consulates that can help citizens abroad

  1. Vanuatu High commission’s office: Brussels, Europe
  2. Beijing, China
  3. Canberra, Australia
  4. New York, USA
  5. Vanuatu consular services Auckland, New Zealand
  6. Noumea, New Caledonia
  7. Suva, Fiji
Are you an authorized agent for Vanuatu?

We work as a sub-agent for the authorized agent.

What happens if my application is rejected?

You can appeal the decision through your agent. You also entitled for a partial refund minus service charges.

 Please note if the Citizenship Commission rejects the application on the grounds of false information or other good reason, it will forfeit 25% of the fee paid to the Government and return 75%.

What documents are required to apply for this program?

You have to prepare the following documents (* needs apostille or notarization). The Agent will assist you with every step preparing all the documents.

  • Citizenship application form
  • Valid passport (certified copy)
  • Birth certificate*
  • National Identity card (Certified copy)
  • Police clearance certificate from state of origin*+
  • Vanuatu due diligence check
  • Marriage certificate*
  • Medical certificate +
  • Personal profile outlining education and employment history (curriculum vitae)
  • Proof of assets, source of funds
  • Bank references

Note: Police and medical certificates must be less than 6 months old. Police certificate is need from all countries where applicant had lived for more than 1 year in the past 10 years.

What services do you provide in Vanuatu?

We offer the following services to our clients in Vanuatu

  • Incorporation of offshore companies,
  • Vanuatu trust management,
  • Offshore banking,
  • Registrations of ships and vessels and
  • Online gaming. 
  • Real estate (sale/rental)
  • Yacht registrations
  • Accountancy, payroll and tax services
Is the citizenship for investment permanent?

Yes. It is permanent and does not expire.

Can Vanuatu citizens apply for US visas?

Yes, Vanuatu nationals can apply for US immigrant and non-immigrant visas at the nearest Papa New Guinea US embassy which serves Port Vila.

  • B1/B2 visa
  • EB-5 (green card)

Vanuatu citizens require a VISA to visit Canada by any method of travel – plane, car, bus, train, or cruise ship.

Can i transfer payment through legal entity?

Yes, Vanuatu accepts donation payment from personal account or legal entity (companies) bank account.

Does Vanuatu levy taxes on worldwide income?

No taxes imposed on global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance

Does Vanuatu have any extradition treaties?

Vanuatu has extradition treaties with 57 Commonwealth countries based on the London Scheme, including 6 members of the ADB/OECD Initiative (Bangladesh; India; Malaysia; Pakistan; Singapore; and Sri Lanka) and 2 Parties to the OECD Convention (Canada; United Kingdom).

Vanuatu has close relations with China with criminal matters. In past Vanuatu has successfully extradited and deported chinese nationals who had vanuatu citizenship.

When was Vanuatu discovered?

The History of Vanuatu dates back since 500 BCE, and the region was part of the Tongan Empire in the 14th century. 

The first Europeans to visit the islands were a Spanish expedition led by Portuguese navigator Fernandes de Queirós, who arrived on the largest island, Espíritu Santo, one of the largest island of Vanuatu in 1606. 

Does Vanuatu have diplomatic relations with China?

Vanuatu and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) first established official diplomatic relations on March 26, 1982. China established an embassy in Vanuatu in 1989, while Vanuatu established an honorary consulate in China in 1999; it officially became an embassy in 2005.

China lended $220 million in foreign debts and maintains close trade relations with Vanuatu

How many Chinese visit Vanuatu?

 Chinese Visitor numbers to Vanuatu grew by nearly 30 per cent from 2015 to 2018 after China added Vanuatu to its list of tourism destinations. Some 4000 chinese visited Vanuatu in 2018.

Some Chinese have become Vanuatu citizens without even setting foot into the country through the citizenship for sale program

Which countries do not require visas to Vanuatu?

The information is available here in the official website

What are citizen rights with Honorary citizenship?

Honorary citizenship is granted to important persons, purely based on a political decision. But the problem honorary citizenship is not real citizenship, comes with very limited rights and privileges, compared to ordinary citizenship.

Has Vanuatu signed extradition treaty with US?

NO, at the moment of this writing.