First Edition of CBI Citizen Magazine

We are excited to publish our first edition of CBI Citizen Magazine Vol 1 for 2020. We have featured several distinguished guests in the industry.

CBI Citizen Magazine

This is a free digital copy of the magazine for free download.

We have covered several topics in this edition.

  • Introduction
  • Second Passport – A New Asset Class
  • Dual Citizenship – The Foundation for Citizenship by Investment
  • Golden Passports – A New Trend in 2020
  • I am a World Citizen
  • E-2 Visas – Lawful route to US residency
  • Schengen – A Landmark achievement towards free movement
  • Evolution of Citizenship 
  • Genesis of Passports
  • No Passport for Her Majesty
  • Due Diligence – Time for Agents to Step up
  • Importance of Schengen Visas in Vetting
  • Privacy in Camouflage passports
  • Invest in Dutch Innovation
  • Canada Residency for Entrepreneurs
  • Exciting Times Ahead for Saint Lucia
  • Greece Golden Visa
  • Germany as a Business Destination
  • Cryptocurrency Digest
  • Best Passport Rankings 2020
  • Malta‚Äôs Gold Standard Vetting – A Feather out of Textbook
  • History of Diplomatic Immunity
  • Prosperity in St Kitts and Nevis
  • Cyprus – A Magnet for Millionaires
  • The Rise of Digital Citizenship
  • Montenegro – A Brand New Citizenship Program

For high quality print editions, please contact us for high resolution copy.